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February 27, 2018

Building the $1.6M Wound-Monitoring Smartphone App

When patients have chronic wounds, they often end up spending a lot of time and money on care. Researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massachusetts, however, hope to ease the burden with a smartphone app that promises to use artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor and analyze chronic wounds, cutting costs and the number of trips. The National Institutes of Health liked the idea enough to throw $1.6 million behind its development over the next 4 years. Read More

Falls Biggest Patient Threat, Report Shows

Among the biggest threats to patient safety is an age-old problem: falling. Falls continue to be the single largest cause of serious injuries caused by a medical error, according to a new statewide report on hospital mistakes. And the problem is not confined to older adults, said Dr. Rahul Koranne, chief medical officer for the Minnesota Hospital Association. Nearly a third of falls occurred in patients 64 years old or younger. “That dispels the thinking that only older folks are falling,” he said. “The other trend we are seeing is that a majority of falls are happening around the time of bathroom use.” Read More

The Long Term Impact Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a well-known risk factor for cardiovascular disease. As a clinician in assessing patients the rule of thumb, I was taught was that every year of diabetes added a year to a patient’s functional age – a 65-year-old with ten years of diabetes responded more like a 75-year-old. A paper in Diabetologia confirms the value of the heuristic, at least in their finding that a longer history of diabetes results in greater mortality. As with any good study, the results pose more questions than answers. Why would earlier onset with equivalent duration result in higher mortality? Read More

Hollister Ostomy Care Skin Barrier Product Positively Impacts Peristomal Skin Health And Cost Of Care For People With Ostomies

Hollister Incorporated, a global medical device manufacturer, today announced that its ADVOCATE (A Randomized Controlled Trial Determining the Variances in Ostomy Skin Conditions And The Economic Impact) study demonstrated that CeraPlus skin barrier, an ostomy skin barrier infused with ceramide, has a positive impact on stoma-related cost of care and peristomal skin health. "These data provide significant insights into how proactively managing peristomal skin health with a ceramide-infused skin barrier may result in better outcomes for those living with ostomies." Read More