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December 19, 2017

Clinical Education Available On-Demand!  "Preventing Surgical Site Infections: Implementing a Multidisciplinary Evidence-Based Strategy."

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The Future of Measuring Patient Safety

There are at least 57 sessions at the IHI National Forum in Orlando this year that include the words "measure" or "measurement." Clearly there is strong interest in quantifying the results of our efforts to improve the quality of health care. But are we measuring what matters most to keep our patients safe from harm? Or is too much of our attention determined by the hope of incentives and fear of penalties? Read More

Scientists Discover Metformin As The Optimal Anti-Aging Reagent To Improve Wound Healing

Cutaneous wounds are one of the most common soft tissue injuries and usually are particularly hard to heal in aging. Recently, a team from Research and Development Center for Tissue Engineering at the Fourth Military Medical University of China identified the topical application of Metformin as the promising pharmacological approach to treat wound defects of both young and aged skin. They hope that this discovery will lead to one feasible cure of nonhealing wounds, particularly in patients with the advancing age. Read More

Scientists Devise New Treatment for Diabetic Wounds

Scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology- Madras, Chennai and CSIR- Central Leather Research Institute, Adyar, Chennai have developed a new drug combination to effectively treat diabetic wounds. A dressing of the wounds using the combination drug also revealed and increase in vascularisation- process by which new blood vessels are formed, while also increasing the recruitment of macrophages- a type of white blood cell that protects from infections. Read More

Doctors Discover New Method to Heal Painful Diabetic Ulcers Using a Jab of 'Muffin Top' Fat

The dreaded muffin top is the bane of many people's lives - an unsightly roll of flab that spills over the top of trousers or a skirt. But now doctors have discovered an ingenious use for the excess fat - they are using it in injections for painful foot ulcers that are difficult to treat. The technique, which results in rapid healing of the ulcer, has been found to be particularly effective among diabetic patients. Read More