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December 6, 2017

Surgery to Create Anuses Inspiring Fistula-Free Generation

The race is on for a fistula-free generation, but a backlog and new emerging cases of the condition are overwhelming efforts to stem the source. "I cannot say that we are on track," said Iyeme Efem, country manager for Engender Health, which implements a US-funded project Fistula Care Plus to prevent, treat and rehabilitate women and girls living with fistula. Read More

Mission Trail Hospital Unveils New Diabetes Initiative

Mission Trail Baptist Hospital recently announced the Amputation Prevention Program (APP) aimed at reducing the number of procedures occurring as a result of complications from diabetes. The APP gives specialists the opportunity to intervene with the patients quicker once the discovery of the lower extremity wound or upon admission. Once the specialist sees the patient within 24 hours, a plan of care is developed for the patient.  Read More

Probiotic Supplementation Aids Wound Healing in Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Patients with a diabetic foot ulcer who received probiotic supplementation for 12 weeks experienced faster wound healing coupled with an improved glycemic and lipid profile compared with patients assigned placebo, according to findings from a randomized controlled trial. Probiotics may help to improve inflammatory factors through producing short chain fatty acids in the gut and reducing production of hydrogen peroxide radicals. Read More

Wound Healing or Regeneration -- the Environment Decides?

For humans, the loss of limbs is almost always an irreversible catastrophe. Many animals, however, are not only able to heal wounds but even to replace whole body parts. Biologists have now been able to prove for the first time that comb jellyfish can switch between two completely different self-healing processes depending on the environmental conditions. Read More