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November 20, 2017

Clinical Education Webcast: "Preventing Surgical Site Infections: Implementing a Multidisciplinary Evidence-Based Strategy." Featuring, Cindy Kildgore, RN, BSN, MSHA, CNOR

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Some Sugars are Good for You, Engineers Discover

A new use for sugar has been uncovered, which can aid healing and encourage blood vessel formation, say scientists. This would help tackle the increasing number of non-healing skin wounds associated with age, poor blood supply and diabetes. The breakthrough research could save money for health service providers in the UK and overseas, say the authors. Read More

A Breakthrough in Stem Cell Therapy Saved a Boy's Life After Doctors Successfully Reconstructed his Skin

Doctors were able to reconstruct functional skin for a 7-year-old boy suffering from a genetic skin disease. The patient had junctional epidermolysis bullosa, which causes the skin to become fragile and blister easily. A stem cell expert cloned the boy's healthy skin cells, grew the cultures onto sheets, and then attached the sheets on different parts of the boy's body. Read More

New Implantable Muscle Stimulator Aims to Prevent Pressure Ulcers, Deep Tissue Injuries

A team of researchers from Case Western Reserve and other institutions, has received a $1.8M, three-year grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to develop an implantable muscle stimulator for preventing pressure ulcers and deep tissue injuries to the buttocks. These serious medical conditions, which are caused by lying or sitting in one place for long periods of time, can lead to severe pain and infection, even death. Read More