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October 10, 2017

Online Clinical Education: Are you doing all you can to ensure a Culture of Safety within your organization?  Learn how improving vascular access dressing disruption can help reduce the risk of Catheter Related Blood Stream Infections (CRBSI)

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Future of Healing: New, Smart Bandage will be Tailored for a Specific Wound

Scientists have developed a smart bandage that can precisely control the dose and delivery schedule of the medication tailored for a specific type of wound, leading to faster healing. The bandage, developed by researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US, consists of electrically conductive fibers coated in a gel. The gel can be individually loaded with infection- fighting antibiotics, tissue-regenerating growth factors, painkillers or other medications, researchers said. Read More

Using a Smart Socket to Improve Outcomes for Patients with Amputations

One of the challenges amputees face when obtaining a prosthetic is finding a socket that fits just right. Residual limbs may swell or shrink throughout the day and based on health conditions, requiring the need for adjustments in socket "fit." This may involve a suction device, called vacuum-suspension technology, in the socket. These can be adjustable, to help better allow for fluctuation in limb volume. One such device is the SmartPuck, an "intelligent" socket vacuum option for lower limb sockets. Read More

Patients with Concurrent Arterial, Venous Disease Challenging to Manage

Patients with venous leg ulceration often also have peripheral artery disease and, in these cases, aggressive treatment with a focus on wound care is often warranted, according to an expert at VIVA 16. The goals for patients with venous leg ulceration and PAD are to heal the venous leg ulcer, increase the rate of healing and prevent recurrence, while containing costs and improving the patient's quality of life. The prevalence of patients with venous leg ulceration and PAD is unknown, but some studies have estimated that approximately one-third of patients with venous disease also have PAD. Read More

Molecule Discovery Could Help Treat Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Researchers have made a discovery involving a molecule which they say could help treat diabetic foot ulcers. The formation of new blood vessels is critical during the body's response to the tissue damage that occurs in foot ulcers, and researchers have strived to understand how a particular molecule, deoxyribose-1-phosphate, works during the process. Now, they have unlocked insights into the molecule and its role within the tissue regenerative process, and the findings could be of significance for people with diabetes. Read More