Greatest Challenges in Wound Care

In a recent micro survey hosted by 3S Consulting Group and featured within the WOC Skin Health Weekly® digital publication, approximately 20% of the 131 respondents reported lack of staff education as the greatest challenge they currently face in wound care.

Respondents defined lack of education as the utilization of “outdated” methods by some nurses and physicians.  Outdated methods mentioned included; the frequent use of “wet to dry dressings.”  Respondents revealed a need for more education regarding evidence based practice.

Fistula management (10%), lack of patient compliance (10%), and product availability/reimbursement (10%) were also frequently reported as the greatest challenges in wound care.

Respondents who reported fistula management revealed that complex fistulas with copious amounts of drainage present the greatest wound care related challenge.

Patient non-compliance, particularly patients at home, is the greatest challenge faced by many clinicians. Lastly, obtaining the products necessary to perform quality wound care, poses an issue for many clinicians when the desired products are not included within the healthcare facility’s formulary, and/or not reimbursed. Please refer to the chart below for a comprehensive summary of the greatest challenges reported by you and your wound care peers.

greatest challenge